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Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Offers

*Terms and conditions do apply to all offers. Please contact us for more information.

***More to be revealed on Valentine's Day!***

Our Gold Package

(AKA Destination Wedding Priority Pass) includes: 

SERVICE                                                                                     VALUE

Dedicated Certified Destination Wedding Travel Specialist


Initial Group Travel Consultation                                                $ 30

Priority Research and Expert Recommendations                      $ 90

Price Comparisons                                                                       $ 60

Professional Group Quote                                                          $ 60

Secure Wedding Date and Time                                                $ 60

Negotiation of Room Upgrade for the Wedding Couple     $1,000

Negotiation of Seat Upgrade for the Wedding Couple          $200

Negotiation of Wedding Upgrades or Offer                            $300

Facebook Wedding Group Setup and Management              $100

Professionally Design Wedding E-vite                                       $ 50

Wedding Website Creation and Management                        $100

Expert Travel Advice for your Wedding Guests (30 hours)      $900

After-hour Messenger Access                                                    $150

$500 Future Travel Credit for the Wedding Couple                 $500

Total VIP Value: $3,600



Designated and Certified Destination Wedding Specialist –  Each of our agents have traveled to various destinations and resort and have all been certified as a Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist. Once you connect with us, we will assign you a Destination Wedding Specialist from our team that has been carefully selected to meet your travel style and needs. They will be responsible for taking care for all of your travel needs and that of your entire wedding group for the full duration of the pre-planning, during and after the trip.

Initial Consultation – Congratulations! You have found your dedicated Destination Wedding Specialist! The first step in working with us is to have an initial 15-30 minute in-person, video conference, or phone consultation during which we will get to know you and your travel style. We’ll ask a lot of questions so that we can better serve you.

Priority Research/Expert Recommendations – “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Our team of experts have traveled to, met the staff of, and experienced first-hand most destinations and resorts around the world that cater to destination weddings. We often collaborate together in matching the right travel product to the right client. No more spending hours and hours of online researching and wasting your own time. We do the work for you and the outcome is always favorable. Nothing is booked until you’re ready to book it.

Price Comparisons – Our policy is that we shop around so you don’t have to. Once we’ve helped narrow down your choices, we will ensure that the price quoted is the lowest possible price by requesting discounted group rates from all of our travel suppliers and doing the price comparison analysis on your behalf. You will be quoted the lowest possible price at the time of quoting for the packages that matches your must-have check-list best. No more over-paying for your trips.

Professional Group Quote – Your dedicated Destination Wedding Travel Specialist will carefully design a discounted group quote based on the travel goals discussed during the initial consultation. This will clearly detail everything you need to know to make an informed decision including flight information where available, resort information, basic wedding details of the proposed venue, the group discounted rate, the exclusive group booking amenities and bonuses such as any complimentary passenger credits and early booking bonuses, exclusive wedding promotions, and payment deadline details. In most cases, we can even hold 30 seats for 90 days with an initial group deposit. This allows you enough time to send out your invitations and have your guests book directly into your group.

Secure Wedding Date and Time – We will assist in securing your wedding date and time with the onsite wedding coordinator at your destination wedding venue. This is a very important step to ensuring availability and peace of mind. We will put you in direct contact with your Wedding Planner to make all of your wedding arrangements. If you should ever require our assistance in connecting with them, we are happy to assist.

Negotiation of Room Upgrade – “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” We have great leverage with our number of years, sales volume, and reputation in this industry that most others do not have. This can work in your favor. Once your group has been secured and has paid their final payments, we will connect with your resort and try to negotiate a complimentary room upgrade to the next room category for the wedding couple. This is not always guaranteed and is often based on availability and is allocated upon arrival, but we will certainly make our very best efforts on your behalf.

Negotiation of Seat Upgrade – As your designated group Travel Consultant and Destination Wedding Specialist, we also take it a step further and try to negotiate a complimentary seat upgrade with the airline, based on availability, for the wedding couple. Again, it is not guaranteed but at least we can say we tried! Who doesn’t appreciate a little extra leg-room right?

Negotiation of Wedding Upgrades Or Offers – Although we sell the world and all resorts and venues worldwide, we have special ‘pull’ with a few top wedding resort venues that provide our clients with special wedding amenities, bonuses and upgrades not found anywhere else. Let us try to work our magic in offering you the unexpected.

Facebook Wedding Group Setup and Management – Your dedicated Destination Wedding Travel Specialist will take the time in creating a private and exclusive Facebook wedding group that you can add your invited wedding guests to. We will manage this group and add content related to your wedding and the trip and answer all of the multiple questions that your wedding guests might have. It’s also acts as an added tool to share your group’s travel experiences and connection with one another through photos, comments and the like.

Wedding E-vite – We will have a wedding e-invitation custom designed for you that will have information about your trip including the dates, the destination, the resort, the costs, deposit deadlines and link to your online wedding web-site. Once the group space and wedding date has been secured, you will be able to send this to your invited friends and family. There’s another step done. Check!

Wedding Website – Romantic Planet Vacations owns the exclusive rights to a group booking software that isn’t found anywhere else. On the front end is a beautiful wedding web-site with 12 pages of valuable content for you and your wedding guests. On the back end it provides group manifests, individual invoices and confirmations, accounting reconciliations and more with ease. This wedding web-site helps keep your invited guests informed, increases efficiencies and reduces errors.

Expert Travel Advice For Your Wedding Guests – If you ask any wedding couple what they feel is the most important aspect when planning their destination wedding is that their wedding guests are well taken care of. Not only do we recognize the importance of taking care of your travel needs, we also know the importance of taking care of your guests’ travel needs. And there will be plenty. Some guests will want single rates, upgraded room rates, departures from other cities, shorter stays, longer stays and on and on. Leave this to us. For an average wedding group, we spend about 30 hours alone on the guests…… you don’t have to.

After-hours Messenger Access – Our company deeply values a work-life balance for our entire team so please know that your designated Destination Wedding Travel Specialist remains dedicated to assisting you and your wedding guests during regular office hours. We urge our clients to respect these hours so that your designated specialist can remain at their peek performance in serving you. However, with this package, you will also be provided with an after-hours messenger contact intended for emergencies only, for those issues that cannot wait until the next business day, and if required while you’re at destination.

$500 Future Travel Credit – This pays for itself! In most cases, depending on your travel supplier, we should be able to get the wedding couple a $500 future travel credit that they can apply on any future vacation a year from their original travel date! Some further conditions apply such as minimum group requirements etc. but it is a free $500 travel credit! Do we hear an anniversary trip in the future?

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